Film & TV Production Fire Rescue in the GTA

Fire Prevention & Protection Services

Canadian Fire Company offers an extensive range of fire prevention, fire protection and resuce services.  We are unique in that our company employs building and fire engineering staff as well as a large number of professional firefighters.  We take pride in providing professional, individually tailored specialist fire safety and support around the clock.  Whether in studio or on location, we will keep you and your unit safe by providing specific fire prevention & protection.  Safety is our priority! 

Services include:

  • 24 hour On-Set Fire Safety, Protection and Suppression
  • 24 hour Fire Watch or SPFX Standby
  • Carry out building systems audits and air monitoring capabilities
  • Film Friendly SSE Firefighters
  • Building/Fire Code Consulting
  • Technical Safety Advisors or Consulting
  • Fire Alarm & Detection Systems Consulting
  • Emergency Management & Hazard Identification Risk Analysis Assessments
  • Insurance Consulting and Coordination
  • Rapid Response Safety Crew Service
  • Scene/Episode Emergency Services Consulting or Advice