Our Crew

Employing well over a hundred firefighters, Canadian Fire Company provides qualified, fully insured and experienced firefighters who have been working in the fire safety consulting field on productions in Toronto since 1995.

Several of our staff members have worked on films including Shazam, Larry, Suicide Squad, Pixels, Mimic, Frequency, The Hulk, Fire House Dog, and Total Recall. Working alongside you and your crews at any point throughout the production process, we provide the most attentive fire safety crews. Whether working with our prevention services, Heavy Urban Search & Rescue team (HUSSAR) or trying to create an elaborate hazardous materials scene, our team members can form one or more crews at a moments notice.

We understand production timelines and schedules and can offer what you need when you need it. To arrange your fire safety crew today, please contact us.

Company Overview

Canadian Fire Company started in much the same way most of our firefighting careers started – from the dream to someday be able to serve our community with pride, integrity, and dedication. Pride in what and how we do our jobs each and every time we are called to serve, integrity in providing service to you, our client, and dedication to eliminate or minimize harm, injury and loss while keeping you on track with budget and timelines.

Canadian Fire Company was created to help protect those working in the film and television production industry from financial and personal loss while understanding the needs of everyone involved in your project.

Canadian Fire Company provides the most cost-effective fire protection services available in the market today. We take a new and infinitely more responsible approach to fire safety by providing fire protection, prevention, and engineering knowledge. We consider every aspect of safety from prevention to suppression. Our fire protection/prevention engineering staff, together with our fire crews, anticipate every possible dangerous scenario and work together to address every fire safety concern that may arise.

Our professional film-friendly firefighting and rescue crews provide fire safety cover, protection, and prevention services 24 hours a day. Our crew’s commitment to excellence and caring for individual safety makes this a natural area within which to continue our work that we are so proud to do every day as local firefighters.


Canadian Fire Company prides itself in providing quality service in everything we do. In order to provide quality with our performance in fire service, Canadian Fire Company reviews all personnel qualifications in an ongoing attempt to maintain the highest level of quality in our staff and service. We provide only certified individuals and fire equipment. Daily, weekly, monthly and annual inspections are performed to maintain all certifications. Protecting you is our first priority and we start that protection by applying and maintaining quality within our company.

Each time we are called to duty we provide secondary crews and equipment to guarantee that you are not affected by mechanical or staffing issues. This is one more safeguard to ensure that you are protected in every way.

Ongoing upgrading of skills is key to providing excellence in performance. Our staff members continually test, maintain and upgrade their individual skills.

Canadian Fire Company is fully insured to work alongside any crew. Please feel free to call us to verify any information on our site. If you require copies of any of our insurance documentation or would like copies of any employee records please feel free to contact us.